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GreenCity Masks

Providing Homes and Business in Need with Hygiene Supplies that Protect Families, Employees, and Customers

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K95 Masks for Extreme Protection

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The Earth's Cleanest Masks

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Gather Carefully

Allow your employees the ability to arrive at the homes of dear relatives and friends prepared. Our discount pricing allows you to purchase enough for all  

Journey Safely

On the way to the office, on the way home from the office, jogging, or running, our masks are durable enough to be used by your employees wherever they go  

Bring Health Home

Employees are family, and they have families too. A small gift of a set of masks to them will pay back dividends as they share it with their loved ones. It's a gift they will truly appreciate

Make your environment GreenCity Safe

My team has been distributing a mask to every customer that enters our shop. Affordable, and we've gotten plenty good reviews for it! 

Danielle from Autobody Works

I purchased a set for my children, then went on to buy for the team at QuikBuilding. Checkout and shipping was simple and quick.

Todd from QuikBuilding LLC

"We ordered 1000 masks and handed them out to our employees. They simply loved it."

Anthony from Ready Supplies